January 16, 2014

Dance styles



Narrabeen Dance Academy offers a great range of different styles taught by formally qualified teachers.


3-4 yrs

Tiny Dancers

Tiny dancers offers an introduction to dancing for 3–5 year olds. This ballet-based class uses props, imagination and rhythm with a little bit of groovin involved as well. It’s a whole lot of fun!

Inte found


Narrabeen Dance teaches the new Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus. Ballet teaches co-ordination and musicality, while also strengthening numerous parts of the body. For more information see www.rad.org.au


Jazz is an energetic and fun style of dance characterised by unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.


Contemporary dance uses the strength of the body to create stylish lines and beautiful movement. This style is influenced by artistic passion and expression.

Hip hop

Hip hop is a groovy, soulful style of dance done to R&B and pop music. It’s a fun way to dance with contemporary music and cool moves. This style of dance insites a proudness and sense of self to the dancer also.


Lyrical dance blends together ballet and jazz, connecting the lyrics of the music with fluid, graceful movements. Powerful, expressive songs are often used in lyrical dance to give dancers a chance to express a range of strong emotions through their dancing.